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Periklis Tsoukalas

Born in 1970 in Attica. He began to learn guitar from ten years old and in the age of thirteen he gave his first concert. Grown in musical family (his father was former musician in the known groups "Crowns" and "Semprini"), he was helped by his parents in his musical studies. Very shortly he left with his parents for Saudi Arabia where on fifteen roughly years he travelled between

various Arabic states and Greece. There he was met with Arabian Oud players and Indian Sitar players. He learned various categories of the Arabic and Indian musical tradition. He has dealt with a lot of and various musical styles such as: Blues, Jazz,’60’s – ‘70’s Psychedelia, Rock/Hard Rock, Experimental, Heavy/Thrash Metal, Hardcore/Punk Rock, folk and classical music traditions of eastern Mediterranean (Hellas, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Egypt e.t.c) and instruments as well as with the composition of mainly organic music near various occasionally professors.


He had performed as solo artist or band member in countries such as: Greece, Turkey, Japan, Australia,  Kazakhstan, India, Canada, U.S.A., Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Finland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, Switzerland, Lithuania, Austria, Serbia, Romania, FYROM, Holland, Cyprus.

Musical Education
European music (Theory, jazz , blues, rock), classical music of eastern Mediterranean (Ottoman), Indian classical music of the north (Hindustani), Byzantine Music.


Musical Instruments

Oud (private lessons and master classes), Sarod, Bansuri, Saz (Bağlama), Rabab (Afghan), Guitar (fretted, fretless, electric).


Professional Experience

Lecturing Music High-school of Heraklion as a teacher of Greek traditional music Oud and Tambura.

Teaching in primary schools and private institutes.

Solo oud recitals (Cairo opera house, Istanbul, Beograd and around Greece), giving private lessons, playing on stages and recording for more than 35 years.


Music school Seminars
About the Oud and the Classical Music of East-Mediterranean (Ottoman), at music schools and unions in Crete.


Solo Oud recitals and workshops participation:

At the '1st international Oud forum of Egypt' - Cairo 2010

At the '1st International Yorgo Bacanos Oud Festival of Istanbul' - Istanbul 2010

Solo oud recital in 'International Oud meeting'- Thessaloniki 2002.

As a band member:

He is currently collaborating with Dora Bleu (US), Cedrik Fermont (BE) and was a main member of BaBa ZuLa (TR) until 2021. Also had  collaborated with , Besidos(GE) .In the past he was a main member of Hainides (GR) , former member of  Endofonon (GR) and Asfyx (GR), Peri Jungle Blues (GR) , Anna Goula me ta organa tis taxis (GR) and more.

He had also participate international music bands and recordings as in ‘Virtual Strangers’ (world  musicians band) as well as international compilations cd releases with his compositions.


Organization of:

Symposium on the Music of Greece & Turkey entitled 'Journey through Modes and Makam', as program manager artistic director, in collaboration with the Centre for Inter-Mediterranean Cooperation. Participation of Greek and Turkish musicologists and musicians.


Organization of concerts of:

Psarantonis (Greece), Claudia Delmer (Spain), Istanbul Sazendeleri (Turkey), Trio Roberto Brandan (Argentina), Eastern Musical Workshop (Greece), Loudovikos ton Anogion (Greece).


Radio productions:

Radio-broadcasting with musicological analysis of world music.


Article writings:

On music In journals and newspapers (Nea Kriti, Apopeira, I21).


Musical instruments designing:

Şahmeran (Based on oud - electric baritone oud), Medusa (Based on cümbüş - electric baritone cümbüş), Custom made electric oud (cutaway model), Semi hollow body electric guitar of Dora Bleu.


Film appearances:

Constantly Flying - A film about BaBa ZuLa by Adriana Cordeiro - 2021


Music for Paintings:

Collaboration with Turkey's most important abstract artist MELIKE - Music for 2 paintings presented in 'Organ Thing' in 'Cultivate Gallery' - London




Melike Özkarakahya, Diamanda Galas, Dora Bleu, Cedrik Fermont, Baba Zula, Voivod, Glykeria, Besidos, Nick Gallen, Hara Kolaiti (Anna Goula), Zoe Tiganouria, Hainides, Necati Çelik, Ömer Erdoğdular, Mehmet Erenler, Mohammad Rahim Kushnawaz, Halil Karaduman, Psarantonis, Pantelis Thalassinos, Miltos Pashalidis, Sokratis Malamas, Martha Frintzila, 'Mode Plagal','Sanades', Christos Konstaninou, Mariza Koch, Manos Mountakis, Andreas Tsekouras, Kostis Avissinos, Hristos Baltsidis, Alekos Kakepis, Andreas Skandalos, Eleni Kallimopoulou, Nikos Oikonomidis, Ross Daly and many many more.



Noura Nahoy (Dancer), Umi Deniz (dancer), Bahar Sarah (dancer), Camilo Betancor (acrobat, performer), Hristina Sougioultzi (acrobat, dancer), Antigoni Linardou (dancer), Athos Danellis (shadow theater player), Hara Kolaiti (performer – singer), Niki Papadaki (choreographer, dance teacher), Nikos & Pantelis Sotiriadis (sculpturers), Kaiti Manolidaki (director) and many more.


He is currently recording and touring with Dora Bleu & Cedrik Fermont, about to release new album writing a book about Oud and giving Oud and Guitar lessons. Also he has released the music film 'Sea Days' in 2021 and working on the next music film.


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